What Makes Raaka Chocolate Unique

Raaka chocolate

“Happiness is Unroasted”
It’s written on the wall outside Raaka Chocolate in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, and it’s true. Raaka does what very few chocolatiers do: they make bean to bar chocolate without roasting their chocolate beans. They get their beans directly from Brazil, Madagascar, the Dominican Republic and Bolivia and then combine them with different ingredients to create unique flavor profiles.

And the flavors are to die for! You’ve never tasted such unique, delicious chocolate in your life! That’s the thing about virgin chocolate, it highlights the true flavor of unroasted cocoa beans.

Imagine these chocolate bars:

    • Pink Sea Salt
    • Ghost Pepper
    • Smoked Chai
    • Bourbon Cast Aged

These a few of the creative chocolate flavors you might sample on the 3rd stop on our new Brooklyn Chocolate Tour!

Brick wall

What does “Raaka” mean anyway?
It means “raw” in Finnish.

“We claim no Finnish heritage, but the cadence of the word and its meaning capture the essence of our chocolate and our process. When we make chocolate we’re after something that feels the way Raaka sounds: strong, wild, playful, and most of all, different. We are unserious people who take our chocolate seriously.”


Raaka Chocolate makes over 250,000 bars per year right in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The small batch bars are made with ingredients that are sourced through fair trade channels. Raaka prides itself on being environmentally friendly and socially responsible right down to their packaging. They use soy ink on recycled paper.

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