6 Unique Facts About Brooklyn

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Need some ammo for trivia night? Want to be the envy of all your friends with your knowledge of Brooklyn? Then read on for some unique facts, and cool photos, of the greatest place on Earth. The Manhattan Bridge almost had another name The Manhattan Bridge was the third bridge to be built across the […]

7 Clever and Funny Quotes About the Brooklyn Bridge

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The Brooklyn Bridge is more than an architectural marvel. It’s an iconic landmark, symbol of new beginnings and the subject of art, film and literature. Being such an extraordinary bridge means a lot of people have said a lot of things about her. Check out some of the most clever, cute and funny quotes about The Brooklyn Bridge. 1. […]

17 Mind-Blowing Photos of the Brooklyn Bridge

golden hour on the Brooklyn Bridge

On May 24, 1883, the largest suspension bridge in the world (at the time) opened. The perfect bridge took over a decade to build and cost millions of dollars. Opening day was a celebration with music, fireworks and people as far as the eye could see. We’ve told you all the odd things that went […]

6 More Odd and Interesting Facts About The Brooklyn Bridge – Part 2

Grimaldi's Under the Bridge

You can’t think of New York without thinking of the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s an architectural masterpiece that was once the largest suspension bridge in the world. Plus, if you’ve been on our Pizza Tour, you know Grimaldi’s is located right under it! What’s better than that? There is so much to know about this iconic bridge, so here is […]

6 Odd and Interesting Facts About The Brooklyn Bridge – Part 1

Building the Brooklyn Bridge

You already know The Brooklyn Bridge is the most iconic structure in NYC. Known as the 8th wonder of the world, it was originally built to connect the two city halls of Brooklyn and Manhattan together when they were separate cities in 1883. Originally, the only way across the East River was by ferry, but […]