Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy:

When filling out our contact form or purchasing a ticket from us, your information is collected.

What your information is used for:

This information is used exclusively to contact you regarding the services you have purchased in the event we need further information from you or to update you on the status of this service. Your information is not stored within a database, nor is it sold/traded/seen at all by any other businesses or individuals. Payment information is not kept in our system in any way.

Our website also features Google AdWords Remarketing. Google AdWords Remarketing keeps track of everyone who visits our website and follows these users wherever they go on other websites to show them our ads. This is done by Google keeping track of your browser cookies

Want your information removed from our system?

If you would like your information to be cleared out of our system feel free to call us at 917-515-5409 and everything down to your name will be wiped from our records. You may also email us at   

in order to have your information removed.

If you would like to opt out of Google AdWords Remarketing, you can visit and go to the Settings page.

If you have any further questions about what is done with your information you can reach us at either 917-515-5409 or