Movie Locations on the Best of Brooklyn Tour

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One of the things that Brooklyn is famous for is the fact that so many films have been shot on location in our borough. If you’ve been on our Pizza Tour then you know that we love to take you off the beaten path to see those actual movie locations. That’s not the only tour […]

9 Movie Locations You’ll Visit on our Brooklyn Bus Tours

A Slice of Brooklyn bus tours

When people think of movies they think of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but do you know how many movies were filmed in Brooklyn? If you’ve been on one of our bus tours you do! Experiencing the filming locations of some of your favorite movies is just one of the many highlights of our […]

10 Cult Classic Movies Filmed in Brooklyn

A Slice of Brooklyn bus tours

From dark subculture movies and gang stories to romantic comedies and musicals, here are some of Brooklyn’s top cult classics – the movies you watch over and over again and quote with your friends. The Warriors (1979) What it’s about: The Warriors is about a gang from Brooklyn’s Coney Island, falsely accused of shooting and killing […]

10 Famous Movies Filmed in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

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Nothing says Summer in Brooklyn more than Coney Island! From the salty beach air and the Cyclone Roller Coaster to Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and celebrity sightings, Coney Island IS the definition of Summer! This section of Brooklyn is so iconic that many movies have used it as a filming location. In fact, each time we visit the area […]

How John Travolta Put Brooklyn on the Map

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What do you think of when you think of Brooklyn? Iconic bridges Delicious pizza That undeniable Brooklyn swagger All of these things are represented in two of John Travolta’s first acting roles: Vinnie Barbarino in the hit TV show ‘Welcome Back, Kotter’ and Tony Manero in the classic film ‘Saturday Night Fever’. John Travolta played the […]

Brooklyn’s 5 Best Romantic Movies

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Paris? FUHGETTABOUDIT! If you want romance look no further than Brooklyn! From The Brooklyn and Verrazano Bridges to Coney Island, Brooklyn has made appearances in some of the greatest love stories of all time. With its iconic architecture, bridges and restaurants it’s no wonder. How could you not fall in love in Brooklyn? Here are […]