Grimaldi’s Under the Brooklyn Bridge: The History and the Pizza

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If you’ve been on our Pizza Tour then you know about Grimaldi’s. It’s located right under the Brooklyn Bridge at 1 Front Street. And if you haven’t been on our Pizza Tour then you probably still might know Grimaldi’s. Zagat named it the #1 pizzeria in New York and the Food Network named it one […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About L&B Spumoni Gardens

A Slice of Brooklyn bus tours

If you’ve been on our Pizza Tour then you know that L&B Spumoni Gardens is one of the best pizzerias in the country…and that’s saying a lot! But there’s a lot more about the Brooklyn establishment that opened in 1939 that you might not know. L&B serves Sicilian-style pizza which originated in, you guessed it, in Sicily, […]

Celebrate National Pizza Month on our Brooklyn Pizza Tour

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If there’s one thing we know in Brooklyn, it’s pizza. And we know how much you love it too.  Our original Brooklyn Pizza Tour has been bringing joy to pizza lovers like you since 2005. From bloggers to birthdays to family trips or fun with friends, it’s been so much fun taking you to experience […]

10 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Pizza

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Pizza is the most loved food in the country. Well, that might not be 100% true but according to us it is!  Last time we posted 13 Fun Facts About Pizza and told you about the first pizza delivery and how spies used pizza to investigate a case. Now here are some more awesome, interesting and delicious […]

13 Fun Facts About Pizza


It’s safe to say that everyone loves pizza because it’s the PERFECT food: -It tastes like heaven. -You don’t need to use plates. -You can top it with anything you want. -It can be delivered to your house. -You can eat it hot or cold. -You can even center your whole afternoon around the Original Brooklyn […]

7 Best Classic Pizza Places in Brooklyn


If there’s one thing New York City knows, it’s pizza. Pizza is part of our culture and part of our identity. And if you’ve never had authentic Brooklyn pizza, well, your life is incomplete! Don’t know how to eat pizza? Brooklynites will teach you (never with a fork or knife by the way)! And we will set you […]