10 Crazy Things You Didn’t Know About Pizza

lb spumoni pizza

Pizza is the most loved food in the country. Well, that might not be 100% true but according to us it is! 😉

Last time we posted 13 Fun Facts About Pizza and told you about the first pizza delivery and how spies used pizza to investigate a case. Now here are some more awesome, interesting and delicious facts about pizza!

1. 93% of Americans eat pizza at least once a month.

How that number isn’t 100% we’ll never know!

2. Ever heard of the Pizza-Subway Connection?

The Pizza-Subway Connection, or the Pizza Principle, is a funny “economic law” that states that the average price of a slice of pizza correlates to the price of NYC subway fare. Since the 1960s the price of pizza has risen at the same rate as the cost of a subway ride and vice versa. And it holds true to this very day!


3. If you think you could get a pie anywhere in the world, you’re right.

In 2001, pizza was delivered to space. Yep! Pizza Hut delivered to an International Space Station on a resupply rocket. Now here’s what we’re thinking: how much would you tip?

4. The largest pizza delivery was also patriotic!

According to Guinness World Records, on the 4th of July in 2012, a “slice of home” was delivered to U.S. Armed Forces in Afghanistan. It was organized by Pizzas for Patriots who sent 30,000 pizzas that were dispersed in Afghanistan and Kuwait.


5. The largest pizza in the world was 13,500 feet.

It was made in Italy on December 12, 2012. The pizza was named “Ottavia” in honor of Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus. Dreams do come true!

large pizza

6. Would you pay $2000 for a pie?

New York City’s Industry Kitchen is selling a whole pie for $2000 or a slice for $250. Something that expensive better be made with gold, and it is. Ingredients include: flakes of gold, caviar from the Caspian Sea and cheese imported from England.


7. The world record for the longest pizza is 6,082 feet and 3.4 inches.

In was made in Naples, Italy on May 18, 2016. It was, naturally, traditional Neapolitan style just like you’ll try on our Pizza Tour at Grimaldi’s under the Brooklyn Bridge.


8. The First pizzeria in the U.S. opened in New York.

Of course it did! Everyone knows that New York has thee best pizza! Lombardi’s opened in 1905 on Spring St. in the Little Italy section of Manhattan.


9. Which state has the most pizzerias per capita?

Can you believe it’s West Virginia followed by Delaware. Don’t worry, New York still makes the best pie. Just be glad you don’t live in Hawaii, which comes in last.

10. West Virginia may have the most pizzerias, but they don’t have the best.

From Grimaldi’s and L&B to Di Fara and Lenny’s (featured in Saturday Night Fever), we like to think we have the best! 😉

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