• Please note that while the mask mandate has been lifted in NYC and masks are no longer required, we will continue to require proof of vaccination, as well as a valid ID, for you to be able to take our tours.  Both will need to be presented to your guide during check-in.
  • You’re more than welcome to still wear a mask on the bus if you like.
  • For children 5 and under where vaccines are not possible, you will need a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours before the tour or a rapid antigen test taken 6 hours before the start of the tour. The test results must clearly show the date and time of the test.
  • Rest assured that all our guides have been vaccinated.

Rainbow Windows Keep Brooklynites Connected During Coronavirus Pandemic

rainbow connection brooklyn

Most of our lives have changed dramatically as Coronavirus spreads around the world. Whether you’re quarantining, sheltering-in-place or social distancing, our contact with other people has been limited. If you’re anything like us, that’s been a difficult adjustment. Of course, keeping everyone safe and healthy is of utmost importance, and at the same time the isolation can be difficult.

You might have heard about the Rainbow Connection where people around the world have been placing rainbows in their windows to add a little sunshine to everyone’s lives. Here are some windows from Brooklyn. We hope they brighten up your day and inspire you to add a rainbow to your window too. 

rainbow cat brooklyn
NYC Rainbows in windows
brooklyn rainbows coronavirus
rainbow connection nyc
rainbows in brooklyn windows
BK Rainbows coronavirus
coronavirus rainbows nyc

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