13 Desserts to Eat in Brooklyn Before You Die

Junior's Diner

When you think of Brooklyn you probably think of the Brooklyn Bridge, the people, and of course, the pizza. But there’s so much more to Brooklyn. There’s the desserts. From old time classics, modern twists on your favorites and culturally diverse sweets, there’s something for everyone. Here are 13 essential desserts everyone must try when […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Spumoni


Have you heard of spumoni? If you’re Italian or grew up in an Italian neighborhood, then you probably have. And if you’ve been on our Pizza Tour then you definitely have as well. But not everyone knows about one of the most delicious desserts around, so here you go! So what is spumoni? Spumoni is a traditional […]

5 Iconic Brooklyn Desserts


The perfect dessert is the cherry on top of every meal. You probably have your favorites, but if you’re in Brooklyn you get sweet treats that are tastier, sweeter and more iconic than anywhere else.  We even have desserts people haven’t even heard of in the rest of the world, but to us they are comfort […]