Celebrate National Pizza Month on our Brooklyn Pizza Tour

national pizza month

If there’s one thing we know in Brooklyn, it’s pizza. And we know how much you love it too.  Our original Brooklyn Pizza Tour has been bringing joy to pizza lovers like you since 2005. From bloggers to birthdays to family trips or fun with friends, it’s been so much fun taking you to experience Brooklyn’s best pizza and here’s the proof.

Who can resist the Sicilian-style pizza at L&B Spumoni Gardens?

lb spumoni pizza

Or skipping the lines at Grimaldi’s for their Neapolitan-style pizza?

cheesy pizza

Pizza Tour guest Kristy Ann knows how to enjoy a slice.

woman eating pizza

These Pizza Tour guests were too busy eating cheese to say “cheese” for the photo.

group photo with pizza

Our guide Marc teaching the next generation about what’s important: Brooklyn pizza.

marc and guest

One thing that we know is true: pizza makes people happy!

cheesy pizza and smiles

A mother teaches her daughter about the best things in life.

eating lb spumoni pizza

Blogger NYC Cliche on our Pizza Tour.

group eating pizza

Where else would you spend your 25th birthday?

holding a slice of pizza

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