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the Brooklyn Bridge

You love Brooklyn, don’t you?

Here at A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours we’re proud to show you everything that makes Brooklyn like no other place in the world.

Your enthusiasm makes for an incredible community of fans and friends. We definitely wouldn’t be where we are today without all of your love and feedback!

Because of you, we built a new website this year and now, want to introduce you to our new blog that will give you insight into even more things Brooklyn!



As you probably know, we’ve been showing folks like you all around Brooklyn for over 10 years.

Our owner, Brooklynite Tony Muia, always loved showing people around his beloved hometown. He started doing informal tours for friends and acquaintances who visited NYC. Soon, their friends and families would visit NYC and ask Tony to do tours for them as well. It soon became his hobby.

In 2004, Tony watched NYC tourism increase. However, it mostly focused on Manhattan and Tony felt that Brooklyn had enough amazing foods, neighborhoods, landmarks and movie locations that it needed its own tour.

Boy was he right.

Tony decided to launch A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour followed by the Neighborhood and then the Christmas Lights Tour of Dyker Heights. All specializing in what makes Brooklyn so iconic.

The rest is history!


Glad you asked!

We’ve gotten such great feedback from folks like you who visit our Facebook page saying how much they love our posts about Brooklyn, so we thought we’d share more of what makes it special!

Let’s take you beyond the tour.


the Brooklyn Pizza Bus Tour

You’ll see posts from different members of A Slice of Brooklyn on a variety of topics our team is passionate about. Tony and Allison will write most posts, but we will also have guest bloggers from the travel industry and experts from Brooklyn.

We’ll write about Brooklyn:

  • History
  • Food
  • Movies
  • Pop culture
  • Celebrities
  • Music
  • And more!

No matter what you love about Brooklyn, we’ve got you covered!

You’ll even get behind the scenes peaks into travel and tourism in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Group Tour group picture

And if you haven’t been on one of our tours yet, you’ll definitely want to. Here’s what you’ll see and do on the bus!

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