Tour Operator Spotlight: AAA South Jersey

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Working in tourism is a dream come true. You get to interact with different kinds of people and travel to great locations. Everyone you meet has a story and Tour Operators are no different. They’re the heart and soul behind all the wonderful bus trips you get to go on, which is why we started the “Tour Operator Spotlight” to introduce you to some of the Tour Operators we love working with. Meet Debbie Szafranski from AAA South Jersey. Debbie’s been bringing her groups to do our Pizza Tour, Neighborhood Tour and Christmas Lights Tours for years now. She’s a joy to work with and her groups absolutely love her. So do we!
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How did you get into the tour business and how long have you been doing it?
I went to college to be a teacher, went on my first trip as I graduated and decided I wanted to be in travel! My friend who went with me did the same thing except she became a flight attendant and I became a travel agent! I have been in the business 39 years!

What do you love about being a tour operator?
I love being in contact with the people and also traveling. I love to see when the clients enjoy themselves and thank me for setting up the departures.

What are some of the destinations your groups have been to by bus?
Cape Cod, Salem, Connecticut, NY, Virginia, Maryland, Thousand Islands. We do an annual wine tour for 4 days in the northeast every October. This year will be the 10th year!

What do you and your guests like about A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours?
The tour guides!!! And of course the pizza!

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