Top 10 Reasons To Go on A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours

aerial view of the bridge

New York City is on everyone’s bucket list. Everyone from California to Australia has dreamed of visiting NYC one day. A lot of people visit the typical Manhattan touristy spots but it leaves them wanting to see more of the real New York City locations.

Brooklyn has been the hottest spot in NYC for years now!

So many of your favorite TV shows are filmed here, your favorite celebrity might just call it home. It’s the iconic borough you want to see and experience but you don’t know how!

  • How do you know where to go?
  • What should you see?
  • How do you get around?
  • What should you eat?

Well, A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours is the perfect way to see it all without the worry. Experience the history, beauty and food Brooklyn offers without the hassle. It feels like you’re being shown around Brooklyn by a family member that is super proud of their hometown and they want you to experience all it has to offer. That’s how Tony, Paula, Marc and Michele make you feel on their tours! I’ve been lucky enough to go on two of their tours, the Pizza tour with Paula and The Neighborhood Tour with Tony, and let me tell you, they are amazing!

Here are my top 10 reasons why I love these tours, and why you should should book your tour tickets asap! 

1. Food

Brooklyn pizza and cheesecake

The food on both of these tours is amazing. The best food in Brooklyn has been chosen for you to try. On the Pizza Tour they take you to Grimaldi’s and L&B Spumoni Gardens for two completely different styles of pizza: Neapolitan and Sicilian. There are always lines here to get in, but not with A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours! With them you get to skip the line! On the Neighborhood Tour they take you for pastrami sandwiches, world famous cheesecake and an egg cream at Juniors, and there’s simply nothing better. Your ticket for the tours includes the food, so you just get to enjoy without the worry of a bill.

2. Movie sites

Brooklyn Movie Sites

So many great movies and TV shows are filmed in Brooklyn. Getting to see these iconic spots really brings the movies to life. When your tour guide shows you the spot where John Travolta walks down the street in the beginning of Saturday Night Fever it’s pretty cool! Since going on the tour I will be watching one of my favorite NYC shows and notice some of the places we went on these tours and I’ll smile because I’ve been lucky enough to stand in that same spot! Movie spots include Moonstruck, Saturday Night Fever, Goodfellas, and many more.

3. Make friends with REAL New Yorkers

Tour group by the waterfont

Tony and Paula were my tour guides. Like all the guides on A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours, they are both native Brooklynites and I loved their classic New York accents and their Brooklyn charm. You instantly love them as they use classic New York terms like “FUHGETTABOUDIT”. They make you feel like family and you feel like you now have a friend in Brooklyn.

4. History

Green-Wood Cemetery

Brooklyn has so much history! As you walk through the streets of Brooklyn Heights, Tony shares the history of each location and it’s amazing to think you are in place that has seen so much. The original location of Ebbets field, Greenwood Cemetery, and learning about America’s first suburb! It’s a privilege to get to experience these spots and learn the history each holds.

5. Amazing views

the Brooklyn Bridge across the water

Manhattan’s got nothing on the stunning views Brooklyn has! Standing beneath the Brooklyn Bridge feels magical! The Manhattan skyline next to the bridge is stunning. As you soak it all in you know that so many people would love to be standing where you are at that very moment.

6. Neighborhoods

Brooklyn Brownstones

It would be really hard to see all these neighborhoods in this time frame without these tours. If you aren’t familiar with the area, how are you going to know where to go and what to see? They take you to so many neighborhoods from one side of Brooklyn to the other! Neighborhoods include, Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO, Red Hook, Bay Ridge, Coney Island, Bensonhurst, Park Slope and several more.

7. A trip to the beach

Coney Island scenes

Yes, Brooklyn has a beach! Did you know that? Coney Island is in Brooklyn. They have a boardwalk, rides and tons of shops and restaurants. On the Pizza Tour they take you to the famous Coney Island Boardwalk and you get to walk along the boardwalk with your guide and learn about the area, the rides and see the sites.

8. VIP bus ride

VIP Bus Tours

If you were to attempt to see Brooklyn on your own you would probably walk or take the subway, but if you don’t know where you’re going you take the chance at getting lost in an unfamiliar city. On the tour you take a really nice bus. Who doesn’t love comfortable seats with air conditioning and TV’s? As you’re driven through Brooklyn you can relax and really enjoy the tour.

9. The best photo spots

Brooklyn Bridge

If you’re looking for a new profile picture for Facebook, or if you want to be the envy of your Instagram followers, get ready for some amazing photo opportunities! Everything from the Brooklyn Bridge, to skyline views, to the historic Brooklyn Brownstones. You won’t run out of amazing photo opportunities!

10. You’re the “Brooklyn expert” among your friends

A Slice of Brooklyn brochure

You learn so much about Brooklyn on this tour. After seeing all these sites, walking these streets and learning so much about famous Brooklynites and the history of the neighborhoods, you will be the envy of all your friends! You’ve now surpassed the typical Manhattan tourist with your Brooklyn knowledge. You may not qualify as real New Yorker yet, but you feel like an honorary Brooklynite after this tour! You walk away with a heart full of love for Brooklyn, and you know you will be back one day.

Be sure to hop on the bus as soon as possible.  You won’t regret it.

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