The Associated Press on our Brooklyn Chocolate Tour


When the Travel Editor from The Associated Press comes on your Chocolate Tour and writes an amazing piece about the tour that gets national attention, you just want to shout it from the rooftops! Beth Harpaz’s story, “Tours for chocolate lovers not just about sampling sweets”, talks about chocolate all over the country with the main focus being the four stops on our A Slice of Brooklyn Chocolate Tour along with how we share a slice of the Brooklyn life on the tour as well.

chocolate cupcakes

Photo: Beth J Harpaz

“A tour for chocolate lovers in Brooklyn, New York, isn’t just about tasting the final product. It also gives a peek at factories, neighborhoods and even business plans.”

“The chocolate tour offered by A Slice of Brooklyn takes visitors to four chocolate-makers around Brooklyn. ‘I love chocolate,’ said Christine Dietz of San Diego, who was treated to the tour by friends throwing her a bachelorette party in New York. ‘But it’s really cool that we also get a bit of a tour of the city.’”

Not only will you sample a variety of artisanal and traditional chocolates from Jacques Torres, The Chocolate Room, Raaka Chocolate and Li-Lac Chocolates on our Chocolate Tour but you’ll get to learn about the borough and even see what we feel is the best view of the Statue of Liberty in the NYC! It’s the details that make all our tours stand out.

Thank you to Beth Harpaz from The Associated Press for joining us and for the great piece!

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