Take a peek at our 2017 Christmas Lights Tour of Dyker Heights

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Have you been on our Christmas Lights Tour of Dyker Heights?

If not, what are you waiting for?

Our 2017 tour is in full swing as you’ll see from these photos and comments from some of the incredible bloggers who have taken the tour so far this year.

“Off to the perfect holiday start.” – @cupcakendreams

Dyker Christmas Lights

photo: cupcakendreams.com

“Billed as “the most extravagant Christmas lights display in the country” (eat your heart out Clark Griswold!), the tour covers not only the Brooklyn neighborhood of Dyker Heights (or “Dyker Lights” as it is affectionately referred to locally), but also surrounding neighborhoods such as Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst. As with all of A Slice of Brooklyn’s tours, the rendezvous point is Union Square. From there, you’ll be transported to Brooklyn in the comfort of a spacious bus while listening to Christmas music and watching old Christmas specials on viewing screens.” – @madhattersNYC

Dyker Heights

Photo: http://madhattersnyc.com/

“When your house outshines the moon, your Christmas decorations are on point! (And this totally wasn’t taken in the burbs, but in good ol’ NYC herself! Bay Ridge, Brooklyn represent!??)” – @usedyorkcity

christmas lights

photo usedyorkcity.com

“I know you guys are going to ask, Yes I’m Jewish but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate Christmas lights. In fact, I love the holiday season and seeing Christmas lights is one of my favorite seasonal activities.” – @teawithbblog

christmas lights

Photo: teawithbblog.com

“Since you get to visit multiple neighborhoods on this tour, you get to experience a really broad range of the spectrum, not just the extremes.”– @madhattersNYC

christmas lights

“Great time on the Christmas Lights Tour with A Slice of Brooklyn.” – @joshfromNY

christmas time

Photo: @joshfromny on Instagram

“This tour is lit (quite literally)” – @teawithbblog

christmas lights

Photo: teawithbblog.com

“These people are not messing around.” – @cupcakendreams

christmas lights

photo cupcakendreams.com

“One of the best features of A Slice of Brooklyn tours is that their guides have the inside scoop…” – @madhattersNYC

christmas lights

“The people of Dyker Heights are a whole new level of EXTRA when it comes to the holiday season and I was living for it! It was all started by a woman named Lucy in 80’s who still lives in the area.” – @teawithbblog

christmas lights

Photo: teawithbblog.com

Doesn’t that look fun? So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now before the tours sells out.

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