Li-Lac Chocolates – Stubbornly Old Fashioned in the Best Way Possible


When you hear the phrase “stubbornly old fashioned”, you might not think it’s a good thing. But when it comes to Li-Lac Chocolates, it sure is!

“NYC’s Oldest Chocolate House, preserving the heritage and traditions of old-school, hand-crafted chocolate for almost 100 years.

Using original recipes and old-world cooking methods from the 1920’s, Li-Lac Chocolates are still made by hand in small batches for exceptional quality and superior taste.”

Wanna know what makes it even better? NYC’s oldest chocolate house since 1923 is now in Brooklyn! They’ve set up shop in an area of Sunset Park called “Industry City” where some of the old warehouses have been converted into manufacturing hubs and food courts, and we’ll take you there on our Brooklyn Chocolate Tour!

While you’ll experience the artisanal and whimsical styles of chocolate at the other stops on our tour, at Li-Lac you’ll experience the more traditional styles that they’re known for. They feature over 140 items with one of the largest selection of gourmet chocolate in America.

They’re also known for making chocolate out of the coolest molds ever!

Li-Lac Chocolates has received some pretty rave reviews too:

“It’s my favorite chocolate place in the city”– Andy Cohen, Bravo

“An anomaly in NY’s artisanal chocolate culture”– Wall Street Journal

“Li-Lac French Mints are a guaranteed hostess-gift hit”– Martha Stewart Living

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