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A Slice of Brooklyn bus tours

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Better than Hershey’s

A Slice of Brooklyn bus tours

If you mention a Chocolate tour most would think of Hershey’s chocolate. I even had a random lady in the hotel lobby overhear my daughter and I discussing the chocolate tour and she says “if you want to show your daughter chocolate, take her to PA to Hershey Park”. Now, no offense to this lady but I’m pretty sure our day in Brooklyn was much better. We spent the day with tour guide Paula, who after a few other tours has became a friend. She kept the tour interesting with her sense of humor and energetic personality. Each of the 4 chocolate stops was unique and tasty making it hard to pick a favorite. During the tour “intermission” between stops 2 and 3 you visit a pier for a wonderful view of Lady Liberty and the lower Manhattan skyline. We got some great shots and enjoyed the break between the chocolate shops. It is no secret that I love A Slice of Brooklyn and the tours that Tony and the gang have going but I promise if you give it a chance you will love it as well. I recommend them to every travel customer that I have. Thanks for a great day of chocolate and fun! -Jerri V

Chocolate Tour – Another fun time by A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours

A Slice of Brooklyn bus tours

We’ve done the Pizza Tour (fantastic!). We’ve done the Dyker Lights Tour (awesome!). This year the company introduced the Chocolate Tour and it exceeded expectations. I actually learned a lot about chocolate from the bean to the candy/cake/cocoa. It was a nice, laid back time with family away from the bustle of Manhattan the Friday before Christmas. The tour guide (owner) did a wonderful job keeping everything moving, providing knowledge, and just being an overall friendly guy. The stops on the tour were good because they did a wide range of chocolate concoctions. The samples were extremely plentiful and quite yummy as well. There was time to purchase additional items at each stop so we could take home gifts for friends (but that didn’t happen because we ate it all ourselves on Christmas eve.. oh well!!). I highly recommend any and all tours offered by this company… each is unique and you can do them all. My family is especially looking forward to their newest tour offering in the works which is supposed to be some type of beer, wine, spirits type of tour. – Tracey C

Chocolate tour is awesome!

A Slice of Brooklyn bus tours

We took the Chocolate Tour today and it was fabulous. The tour guide was friendly, helpful, funny and very Brooklyn! We hit 4 different chocolate shops, all local to Brooklyn (even different, distinct neighborhoods), and all were great. They each had their own speciality (heart-warming stories, un-roasted, great cakes, thick and unusual hot chocolate, terrific molds, etc). Even the bus driver was friendly & very skilled, plus the bus showed interested clips about all the facets of chocolate making. Maybe the best part of these Slice of Brooklyn tours is the local insights into Brooklyn, and the great people who run the tours. We can’t wait until our next one – they talk about a distillery tour, which would be outta sight! – Jeffrey R

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