Celebrate Father’s Day With These Famous Dads From Brooklyn

Father's Day

No matter how cool these Brooklyn celebrities are, there is no job as wonderful as being a Dad.

Jerry Seinfeld

It must be pretty cool to have Brooklynite Jerry Seinfeld as a Dad. Just ask Sascha, Julian Kal and Shepherd Kellen.  Kal is Jerry’s dads name and also the name of his favorite superhero: Superman aka Kal-El. Pretty cool middle name for his son, huh?

Jerry Seinfeld and family

Jimmy Fallon

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon was born in Bay Ridge (which is probably why he’s so funny)! And talk about cute baby names, his girls are Winnie Rose and Frances Cole…FUHGETTABOUDIT!

“I didn’t think it was going to be this fun. Everything just gets heightened when you have a baby.”

Jimmy Fallon

Jay Z

Not every kid gets to have their talented father write a song about them. But the daughter of hip hop mogul Jay Z and Queen Bey isn’t just any kid…she’s Blue Ivy.

Beyonce and family

Jerry Stiller

The world class comedian has two famous children, Ben and Amy, with his brilliant wife Anne Meara and definitely passed their talented genes down to their kids. Jerry was born at Unity Hospital in Brooklyn and was raised in Williamsburg and East New York.

Jerry and Ben Stiller

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel obviously adores his kids Kevin, Katherine and Jane. Pretty cool place for “bring your kids to work day”, don’t you think? Jimmy has said that Mill Basin was the greatest place to grow up and you can tell he loved his childhood because he’s an awesome Dad.

Jimmy Kimmel

Paul Sorvino

Kids make everyone more gentle, even Goodfellas actor Paul Sorvino who went to Lafayette High School. He has three talented kids: Mira, Michael and Amanda. Mira paid him a great honor when she received an Academy Award for Mighty Aphrodite in 1996 when she said, “When you give me this award you honor my father Paul Sorvino, who has taught me everything I know about acting. I love you very much, Dad.”

Paul Sorvino
Paul Sorvino

Alan Arkin

You might know Alan Arkin from Little Miss Sunshine and Argo, but his kids know him as “Dad’. The apple does’t fall far from the tree. His sons Adam and Matthew were both born in Brooklyn and both are actors.

Father's Day

Dom Deluise

Can you imagine having Dom DeLuise as a Dad?  If he was anything like his characters then they must have had a household full of laughter. His sons Peter, Michael and Dave are all actors.  They looks like triplets, don’t they?

Dom Deluise and family

Sammy “the Bull” Gravano

Has two children, a son named Gerard and a daughter named Karen, who you’ve probably seen on the VH1 show “Mob Wives”. Sammy wouldn’t have won any father of the year awards as court documents showed he threatened the life of his sons girlfriend! Makes you want to thank your Dad, doesn’t it?

Sammy the Bull

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