A Slice of Brooklyn is 11 Years Old (Let’s Celebrate With a New Tour)!


It was 11 years ago that A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours owner Tony Muia stepped off the bus to start our first Pizza Tour back on August 1, 2005! There wasn’t much in the way of tourism coming to Brooklyn back then but it’s become a dream come true showing folks like you from around the country, and around the world, the place we call home.

We had one goal when we first launched the tour:

To create an easy way for visitors to hop on a bus in Manhattan and experience Brooklyn from a native’s perspective!
I’m sure you’ll agree that we’ve done that with our tours that feature Brooklyn’s favorite foods, neighborhoods, landmarks and famous movie locations!

A lot has happened in the last 11 years.

First we brought you our multimedia Pizza Tour which covers pizza and Brooklyn from one end to the other and was featured on The Today Show, Food Network and the Travel Channel.
Then came the Neighborhood Tour where you get to visit Green-Wood Cemetery, the original location of Ebbets Field and experience a full sit down lunch at at World Famous Junior’s Restaurant.
Then came the Christmas Lights Tour of Dyker Heights which puts Rockefeller Center to shame with all the wonderfully decorated and over-the-top homes of Dyker Heights.
And now we bring you a brand new tour: the Brooklyn Chocolate Tour! (See all the fun details HERE!)

As we celebrate 11 years we want to take a moment to thank ALL OF YOU for your friendship, support and enthusiasm over the years! Showing you what makes Brooklyn the best place in the world has been our pleasure and we couldn’t have done it without YOU!

Here’s some of what makes our tours so special!

1. Our tours feature the iconic foods of Brooklyn like our Pizza Tour when you’re asked the age old question: which do you prefer, Grimaldi’s or L&B Spumoni Gardens? Which do you choose?​
2. We take you to the best spots in Brooklyn for the best photo opportunities.​​
group in front of the bus
3. Our guides are all born and raised in Brooklyn. After Tony, our next guide was Paula who is Tony’s cousin making it a true family business! Paula’s sass, wit and love for Brooklyn make her a perfect fit.​
Paula in front of Grimaldi's
Then came Marc in 2015. This quote perfectly represents why we’re lucky to have him, “Just did my first Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour. My job now consists of bragging about Brooklyn, quoting Goodfellas and eating pizza. It’s nice when you get paid to do what you were already doing for free.”​
Tour group in front of Nathan's
Michele hopped on board as a tour guide around the same time as Marc. She’s a licensed NYC tour guide who’s been doing tours in NYC for years and she’s a Brooklynite like all our guides.​
4. And let’s not forget our driver Edwin. If you’ve taken our tours then you know he’s the best driver out there because you’ve seen him maneuver our buses around twists and turns the way the rest of us would maneuver a Corolla! Sometimes the only space between us and the other cars on the street is just enough to swipe a credit card!​
Edwin and the bus
the guides on the bus
5. Are tours are so special people we’ve even had folks charter an entire tour and celebrate their weddings with us!​
wedding couple on tour
6. And we’ve inspired our fair share of Brooklyn tattoos like the one on this guy from Australia.
Brooklyn tatoo

8. We’ve even been asked to do private tours for celebrities like Sunny Anderson of the Food Network and organizations like the WWE. Here’s Tony and Sunny on the private food tour we did for her group and Marc and Paula hamming it up with legendary ring announcer Howard Finkel!

the guides
Sunny and Tony on the bus
9. And now we introduce you to our NEW Brooklyn Chocolate Tour! It’s New York City’s ONLY Chocolate Bus Tour. Our first tour rolls out on September 12th but get your tickets now! You don’t want to miss this one!

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