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We have a natural tendency to be frugal. That’s tenfold in relation to our experiences with New York City, a metropolis known for being one of the most expensive cities on the planet. But that doesn’t mean we’re unwilling to shell out our hard earned dollars under the right circumstances. It’s a personal measure; one only you can decide for yourself. For us, we take into account the value of our time, how much energy we’ll have to expend, logistical difficulty, and what advantages we’ll receive.


Choosing a guide in New York City can be hit or miss, and going with an experienced and reputable tour company can make all the difference in the world. Here’s why we’ve returned to A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours time and time again.

The Guides

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Sure, you could do some research on any given topic in advance of a visit to New York City. But you know what makes an experience special? Context. A Slice of Brooklyn’s tour guides are from Brooklyn. They know the borough and its neighborhoods inside and out. They know its history. They know the businesses and residents and have relationships with them. These are their neighbors. And there’s no better way to see a neighborhood and learn about it’s history than from someone who lives there, takes pride in it, and loves it.


The guides are engaging, but not in an awkward, put-you-on-the-spot way. They share personal anecdotes and historical overviews, all while Brooklyn trivia and movies play on the bus’s display screens. You’ll get the whole scoop, and often, a little something extra. In addition, if you’re like us and have trouble finding that photo op, the tour guides know where the perfect spots are and always make time for it. They’ll even offer to capture those memories for you, so put your selfie sticks away.

The Ride

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Thinking of driving yourself? You can certainly do that. But that may involve struggling to find a parking spot, trying to decipher the convoluted local parking ordinances, then walking a long distance to and from your spot. Or perhaps you want to take public transportation? The MTA has its shining moments, but let’s face it–they are few and far between. And if it’s your first time in the city, it can be overwhelming. The buses A Slice of Brooklyn use are top-notch, providing both a comfortable and efficient experience. 


They’ll pick you up at Union Square, a central spot in the city you’ll definitely want to visit anyway. (Let’s just say there are lots of opportunities for extra credit if you’re going on the Brooklyn Chocolate Tour.) Then their skilled drivers expertly navigate the insanity that is New York City driving; effortlessly maneuvering through interior streets to get you a glimpse of the borough that only locals get to enjoy. You can avoid the stress and instead direct your attention to all the incredible details the tour guide will point out along the way.

VIP Access

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights
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You can put together an itinerary of all the locations on any given tour, but would you have the same access? Waiting on line is a New York City tradition (and a simple reality), particularly for anything worth seeing, doing or eating. But it can be a grim endeavor during extreme temperatures or inclement weather. 


It can also be time-consuming, and when you want to do a lot in a short amount of time, every second counts. The relationships A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours has fostered over many years means you can take advantage of skip-the-line access and special attention you would otherwise forgo.


If you’re a book lover, New York City has a ton of cool libraries and bookstores you can visit for free. And if you’re a street art lover, there are great street art galleries that you can explore for absolutely nothing. But if you’re interested in Clark Griswold-level Christmas light displays, the best pizza pies in the city, the most decadent chocolates, or just the best Brooklyn has to offer, A Slice of Brooklyn Bus Tours offers a unique, comfortable, informative experience. And, at least for when it comes to our dollar, worth every penny.

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