5 More Unique Facts About the Verrazano Bridge

verrazano bridge

The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, or simply the Verrazano, is a breathtaking site. And she has a unique history. From being the longest suspension bridge in the country to starring in movies, the bridge that connects Brooklyn to Staten Island  is one of NYC’s treasures.

The toll to cross the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was only 50 cents.

A lot has changed since 1964. Today the toll is $16!

verrazano bridge

Who was the first to cross the bridge?

The first driver across the bridge waited behind the Staten Island toll for a week to make sure he was first across. Wearing rented tuxedos the group went across in a “pale blue Cadillac convertible with flags flapping from the fenders”.

verrazano bridge

Photo NY Daily News/Leonard Detrick

How many lights are on the bridge?

262 LED lights decorate the Verrazano. When the bridge is lit up at night, the expression is that “the lady is wearing her pearls.”


Worthy of a stamp.

America’s longest suspension bridge has been on three USPS stamps. The first was when the bridge opened. The second was in 2006 for the “Wonders of America” series and the last was for its 50th anniversary in 2014.


The Verrazano Bridge is the gateway to the New York Harbor.

Which means all boats have to be able to fit under. The Queen Mary 2 had to be redesigned so it could pass under the bridge during high tide.

ship under bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge gets all the glory, but we can never forget the Verrazano-Narrows which you’ll see on our Pizza Tour.

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