21 More Ways Visiting Brooklyn Ruins You For Life

Grand Army Plaza
You already know that visiting Brooklyn ruins you for life. Where else are you going to find pizza from the heavens, bridges that defy the laws of beauty and gardens that will stop you dead in your tracks? That’s right, no where! But it doesn’t stop there. Here are more ways visiting Brooklyn ruins you for life.

1. Everyone knows the best movies come from Brooklyn.

movie locations

2. Like Saturday Night Fever.

saturday night fever

3. And The French Connection.

French Connection image

4. You might have heard of Annie Hall.

Annie Hall

5. If you don’t know, “Snap Out of It”!

6. Brooklyn architecture will blow your mind.

Building in Brooklyn

7. Like Brownstones.

Brooklyn Neighborhoods

8. And houses that belong in fairy tales.

stone house in Brooklyn

9. Even our libraries look like art.

Brooklyn public library

10. Can you say Grand Army Plaza?

Grand Army Plaza

11. Good luck finding pastrami like this anywhere else.

Pastrami sandwich

12. Or cannoli.


13. The Christmas lights in Dyker Heights will blow your mind.

Dyker Heights

14. This is the borough of Jackie Robinson.

Jackie Robinson

15. Talented Brooklynites write songs about where they grew up.

16. You’ve probably heard this one from Biggie.

Notorious BIG

17. Or this classic from The Beastie Boys.

No Sleep Til Brooklyn graphic

As you can see, there’s nothing quite like Brooklyn. Want to see more? Whether you know everything there is to know about Brooklyn, or are a first time visitor, we will show you from a fun, new perspective (and feed you too).

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