18 Reasons to Be Thankful for Brooklyn this Thanksgiving

thankful for brooklyn

You love Brooklyn. We certainly love Brooklyn.  And that’s because Brooklyn is like no other place in the world! So much so that everyone who’s ever been on our tours has fallen in love with it. Last Thanksgiving we shared 15 reasons to be thankful for Brooklyn, here are 18 more.

1. Brooklyn has the best views.

sun through the buildings

2. Like from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

city view

3. And Brooklyn has the most incredible bridges.

the bridge

4. The Verrazano Bridge is stunning.

moon over the verrazzano bridge

5. And there’s the world famous Brooklyn Bridge.


6. And this classic shot of the Manhattan Bridge.

best view in brooklyn

7. Brooklyn is just so pretty. Even our cemeteries are gorgeous!

green-wood cemetery

8. It’s the borough of Saturday Night Fever.

saturday night fever

9. And Moonstruck.

cher and nicolas

10. Welcome Back, Kotter was set in Brooklyn.

welcome back kotter

11. Everybody loves Coney Island.

coney island cyclone

12. We have unique neighborhoods.


13. Cool people grew up here.


14. Then there’s the chocolate.


15. And more chocolate.

chocolate chip cookies

16. But don’t forget about Christmas in Brooklyn.

christmas lights

17. The Christmas Lights in Dyker Heights are the most beautiful in the world.

christmas lights

18. See?

christmas lights

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