10 Delicious Facts About Chocolate

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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we’re willing to bet it’s chocolate! There’s no denying that we all love chocolate so let’s honor one of the world’s greatest gifts to mankind with some of the quirkiest, curious and unique stories about chocolate throughout history.

Would you give up your password for a chocolate bar?

A survey carried out for the Infosecurity Europe trade show in London found most people would! 70% of participants said they’d trade their precious password for some chocolate.


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The founder of Hershey’s was almost aboard the Titanic.

In 1911, Milton Hershey put down a deposit of $300 for a state room on the Titanic. He and his wife were visiting Nice, France, but had to come home early, which saved their lives.


Even the Founding Fathers loved chocolate.

Benjamin Franklin sold locally produced chocolate in his print shop in Philadelphia.

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Did you know hot chocolate tastes better in orange cups?

Scientist found that how you serve a drink can affect the perception of how it tastes. Hot chocolate tastes better in orange cups. Coincidentally, you’ll try the most delicious hot chocolate in Brooklyn at The Chocolate Room while on our Chocolate Tour.

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Chocolate is wanted for being an accessory to a crime.

During 2007, a smooth criminal charmed the bank’s staff at Amro bank in Antwerp over the course of a year by buying them chocolates. He was given a VIP pass to the vaults. He removed jewels worth $28M.


Marie Antoinette loved hot chocolate.

She was known to serve it at the Palace of Versailles. The French loved the taste but also believed it was an aphrodisiac. Makes us wonder why she never phrased it as “Make them eat CHOCOLATE cake!” 😉

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Chocolate is literally sent from heaven

The real name of the chocolate plant is Theobroma Cacao which means “food of the Gods”.


Ever wonder how chocolate chip cookies came to be known as “Toll House” cookies?

The most popular cookie in the world was invented by Ruth Wakefield in 1936 at the Toll House Inn located in Whitman, Massachusetts. While adapting her butter drop dough cookie recipe, she added a bar of semi-sweet chocolate made by Nestlé that was broken up into pieces.

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Can you guess how much chocolate Americans eat each year?

Americans eat 2.8 billion pounds of chocolate a year, which is 11 pounds per person a year, and much of that is eaten on our Brooklyn Chocolate Tour. I guess you can say Americans love their chocolate!


On which holiday do people buy the most chocolate: Valentine’s Day or Christmas?

If you guessed Christmas you’re right! In fact, way more chocolate gets sold on Christmas than Valentine’s Day. Why? Well that’s just one of the many interestingly sweet tidbits you’ll learn about chocolate on our Chocolate Tour.

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Interesting stuff, right? Who knew there was so much behind our favorite treat!? Learn more secrets of chocolate on our Brooklyn Chocolate Tour.

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