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Memories of Ebbets Field in Brooklyn

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Ebbets Field was the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1913 to 1957. It was named after Charles Ebbets who started out as a ticket taker for the team and eventually became its owner. Ebbets began purchasing land in 1905, 1,200 parcels in total, before having enough land to construct a ballpark in 1912 that stood on one square block to include McKeever Place, Sullivan Place, Montgomery Street and Bedford Avenue. It was surrounding on all sides by homes and shops.

The stadium featured a host of Hall of Fame stars, nine World Series and witnessed Jackie Robinson make history by breaking the color barrier in 1947. Just ten years later, in 1957, the Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles, breaking the hearts of Brooklynites everywhere. By 1960, Ebbets Field was demolished. The wrecking ball that was used to knock down the stadium was painted to look like a baseball. It was the same wrecking ball used to knock down the Polo Grounds in Manhattan where the New York Giants played before moving West.

For many Brooklynites, the heart of the borough was ripped out when the Dodgers left Brooklyn. Do you agree?

Hopefully these historic, fun and quirky memories will cheer you up and remind you what Ebbets Field was like during its glory days.


ebbets field arial view


Jackie Robinson was the first African-American to play Major League Baseball.

What a great day in history when he became a Brooklyn Dodger and broke the color barrier on April 15, 1947!

jackie robinson signs autographs


Ebbets Field is where Jackie Robinson stole home base in the World Series.

It was during the first game of the 1955 World Series against the Yankees!


Check out Marilyn Monroe visiting Ebbets Field.

She was in New York for the opening of her film “Some Like it Hot” in 1959.

marilyn monroe ebbets field


Brooklyn Dodgers Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, Pee Wee Reese and Gil Hodges with a snowman.

They built it at Ebbets Field after a game was snowed out in 1950.

ebbets field snowman


Did you know Bug Bunny was born in Brooklyn under Ebbets Field?

On July 27, 1940 Bugs Bunny made his debut! According to Warner Brothers, Bugs Bunny was born in Brooklyn underneath Ebbets Field. The hare’s original voice actor, Mel Blanc, used a Flatbush accent for Bugs so, by right, that makes Bugs Bunny a True Blue Dodger fan.

bugs bunny brooklyn

Famous Brooklynites loved going to Ebbets Field when they were kids.

Celebrities who grew up watching games at Ebbets Field include Al Michaels, Larry King, Marv Albert, Woody Allen and many more!

ebbets field is beautiful


The first televised Major League Baseball game, and football game, took place at Ebbets Field.

On August 26, 1939 the first televised Major League Baseball game was broadcast. Announcer Red Barber called the game between the Cincinnati Reds and the Brooklyn Dodgers. In October of the same year year, the first pro football game aired. The Brooklyn (football) Dodgers beat the Philadephia Eagles 24–14.

first televised baseball game brooklyn

How cool is this photo of a boy selling souvenirs outside Ebbets Field?

ebbets souveniers

On September 24, 1957, the Brooklyn Dodgers played their last game at Ebbets Field before moving to Los Angeles.

Team owner Walter O’Malley was so hated when he left with the team that the running joke in Brooklyn in 1958 was as follows:

“If you’re stuck in a room with Hitler, Stalin and Walter O’Malley and you’ve got a gun with two bullets in it, who do you shoot?”

The answer?

“O’Malley twice.”


dodgers leave ebbets field


Maintenance worker Danny Gezzi looks at a blackboard in the clubhouse before it was demolished in 1960.

Raise your hand if you’re still upset over this!

last day ebbets field

Today apartment buildings stand on the historic site. You’ll get to see the original location of Ebbets Field when you take our Neighborhood Tour.


ebbets field then and now


You’ll even get to eat lunch sitting under an actual stadium seat from Ebbets Field and check out the wall of Brooklyn Dodger memorabilia when you stop for lunch at the original Junior’s on our Neighborhood Tour! Now how cool is that?!


Dodgers wall at Juniors Brooklyn


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