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11 Photos That Prove There’s Nothing Like Brooklyn in the Fall

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Have you visited Brooklyn during the Fall? There’s nothing quite like it. You can feel the energy change with the season.  Our tree-lined streets pop with warm Autumn color, Prospect Park and Green-Wood Cemetery become wonderlands of oranges, reds and browns and our incredible bridges are framed by nature’s colors – ready for Halloween! So sit back, grab a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy these incredible photos of Brooklyn during Autumn.

Happy Fall-ing!


A neighborhood street in Brooklyn during autmn at dusk. photo by @samhorine

photo by @samhorine


View of pond and gazebo amid large trees with multicolored fall leaves. photo by Nathan Brisk

photo by Nathan Brisk


View of bridge from below in Brooklyn, set back from trees with changing leaves. photo by chrisglass.com

photo by chrisglass.com


Daytime view of Brooklyn neighborhood street, sidewalk wet from rain, covered with fallen leaves from nearby trees.


Gorgeous sunset view of Brooklyn, NY. photo by chandlelee

photo by chandlelee


Cobblestone street in Brooklyn lined with benches and ltrees with changing leaves. Brooklyn Bridge in the background. photo by nythroughthelens.com/

photo by nythroughthelens.com


Trees of green, red and yellow over and around bridge and tunnel in Brooklyn. photo by Vivienne Gucwa

photo by Vivienne Gucwa


Cars line street of Brooklyn neighborhood surrounded by fallen leaves from nearby trees along sidewalks. photo by kasrarassouli

photo by kasrarassouli


Yellow leaves sprinkle rainswept sidewalk in Brooklyn, NY. Photo by Oswaldo Cabrera

Photo by Oswaldo Cabrera


Fall brownstones in Brooklyn



Trees and fallen yellow leaves in Brooklyn on busy street. photo by angelsstyle.tumblr.com

photo by angelsstyle.tumblr.com


There’s nothing like Brooklyn Heights, Bay Ridge, Park Slope, Green-Wood Cemetery and Prospect Park during the Fall! I bet you’re feeling all warm and cozy now, but there’s one thing missing… comfort food!  Join us to see Brooklyn in all it’s Autumn glory and let us feed you too!   What’s your pleasure:

Pizza from L&B or Grimaldi’s?

Chocolate from Jacques Torres, The Chocolate Room, Raaka Chocolate or Li-Lac Chocolates?

A good old fashioned pastrami sandwich, a slice of cheesecake and an egg cream from Junior’s?

No matter what you choose, we have a tour for you!

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